Novel TS prepregs test campaign completed (TEST01)

30th June 2021

The mechanical behaviour of four novel thermoset prepreg materials has been studied. The strength and modulus under tension and compression loads, the compression after impact strength and the bearing strength have been evaluated for these materials at RT conditions, and high temperature conditions after ageing (HW tests). The coupons were manufactured by ELEMENT SEVILLE through hand lay-up process followed by curing in autoclave. The results of these tests will be used to select the most suitable materials for T-joint specimens of the TEST07 test campaign of CERES Project.

                                     TP AISC test campaign completed (TEST02)

30th June 2021

The mechanical characterization of a thermoplastic material (TP) manufactured by means of Advanced In-Situ Consolidation process (AISC) has been completed. Plain tension, Filled-Hole Tension, Plain compression, Filled-Hole Compression, Interlaminar Shear Strength and Compression After Impact tests have been performed on different laminates of this material. Tests have been carried out at RT conditions, and high temperature conditions after ageing (HW tests). Advanced monitoring techniques, such as High-Speed Camera and Sound-level meter, have been applied in some of these tests.

“Complementary Coupons A” test campaign completed (TEST04)

30th August 2021

 The mechanical characterization of LRI coupons at RT and HW conditions has been performed. Different mechanical properties, such as tensile, compressive and in-plane shear strength and modulus have been assessed on different laminates. Open-hole tensile and compressive strength, as well as bearing strength have been evaluated. Some of these properties have been assessed at HW conditions after environmental ageing. The results of these tests will support the validation of LRI manufacturing process applied to different stacking sequences.

IPS specimen after failure

OHT specimen after failure

CAI Plain Coupon Tests campaign completed (TEST 06)

30th September 2021

The evaluation of the residual strength and failure mode of plain specimens tested under compression loads after impact has been completed. First, a set of different specimens was used for the calibration of the impact energy. Once the impact energy was set, compression after impact tests were performed on specimens of different stacking sequences.  Tests were carried out at RT conditions. As innovative feature, a novel test rig was used.

This project has received funding from the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement No 864158. The JU receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the Clean Sky 2 JU members other than the Union.